Black Traffic Bollard Post

Black traffic bollard post is made of high quality steel pipe, which is firm and firm, generous and decent, high quality steel pipe surface treatment, high pressure spraying, and engineering grade reflective coating. Steel pipe attached with yellow black reflective film, reflective warning effect, to attract the attention of the vehicles and people, product features easy installation, can be divided into two kinds of fixed and movable column, is composed of steel pipe and flange, the bottom of the steel nails or screws, installation is firm, stable and reliable, and hit would not loosen.

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Black traffic bollard post feature: 

Bumping post lso known as protection column, protection pile, warning pile, belong to traffic safety equipment.It is divided into fixed protective pile and movable protective pile.Product colors can be customized according to customer requirements, commonly used: yellow and black, blue and white, sky blue, orange.

Material for anti-collision column: high quality steel pipe, high pressure spraying, and engineering grade reflective coating

Specification: ,100*168mm ,76*600mm,89*750mm (can support product customization)

Cylinder diameter: 114mm, according to the actual specifications of the product.

Black traffic bollard post application : 

Suitable for road entrance, highway maintenance, hotels, community, sports venues, the dangerous areas and road construction area, deceleration zone, sign, symbol, locator, protection pile, the anti-collision, bull barrels, steel round bar, isolation belt, warning column.

Most of the anti-collision columns on the market are iron, resistant to collision, low cost, can be accepted by more people.His main function is to warn people and objects from colliding. If they collide, they will not cause secondary injury.


Q1 :Could I have some information about your scope of business ?

 Our mainly production is speed limit road signs ,traffic fence ,solar warning light and traffic cone etc a series of transportation facilities.


 Q2 : How long is your delivery time?

 About 7-15 days after confirm pre-samples.


 Q3 : How to control quality ?

1)    all the raw materials by IQC(Incoming Quality Control)before launch whole process

into the process after the screening.

2)    After finished by QC full inspection before packing into the next process packaging .

Delivery :


About us : 

Our company since its inception, successfully found out the market dynamics, adjust business strategy, to meet the demand of the customers and the changing market, set up a professional team and professional talents, all the year round to provide customers with a variety of occasions and the safety of the surrounding protection system solutions.



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