Parking Lot Indicates The Road Signs

A parking sign is a sign used to indicate the location of a parking lot.According to whether or not to bring a arrow parking instructions are divided into two kinds, one is the parking lot with arrow sign, is refers to the parking lot and has a certain distance between signs, parking signs pointed out the direction to the parking lot.The other is the no-arrow parking sign, which is placed in the parking lot and indicates the parking lot.

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Parking Lot Indicates The Road Signs

Parking Lot Indicates The Road Signs :

 Lightweight -- as the weight of aluminum plate per square meter is 2.71kg/mm, the panel can be thick up to 3mm or above, greatly increasing the flatness of the font surface.

Not easy to rust - aluminum plate oxidation is slow, and there will be no rust stain on the wall;

Parking Lot Indicates The Road Signs features :

Easy installation - because of the low weight, the installation is much lighter.The welding process is similar to stainless steel, but the aluminum plate is soft, and the level of the processor in the welding process will directly affect the flatness and fastness of the finished word surface

Products details  of Parking Lot Indicates The Road Signs

Material : aulminum                                         

Size : available to custom or the regular one 1000*1000mm/1400*1900mm

Color : Blue , stainless steel ,or accept customized .

Reflective sheet : High Intensity Prismatic Reflective Aluminume  : more than 7 years warranty

MOQ : 10pcs 

Payment : L/C , D/P , T/T , Credit Card , Paypal and so on .

Delivery time : 7-15 days after confirm pre samples 

Provide OEM and ODM service.

FAQ : 

Q1 : How to control quality ?

A .all the raw materials by IQC(Incoming Quality Control)before launch whole process into the process after the screening.

B .After finished by QC full inspection before packing into the next process packaging .


Q2 : How much the transportation freight of goods?

 The freight depends on the weight and packing size and destination from here to your location.

Q3 : Do you have stock?

Yes , most of products are under regular production ,we can make delivery immediately if we the specific one in stock.

Shipping :

Shipping : air shipping : DHL ,TNT ,FEDEX ,UPS etc

Sea shipping : from Shenzhen port to any other destination

Our Company 

Shenzhen Dazhan Tenology Industry Co.,ltd focus on providing the whole set service from designs, develops, produces and sells integration .With strong product development, production, marketing capability and mature supply system. We started as a small operation and supplied to individual household , but now have become one of the leading suppliers in the traffic industry in China and  participated in the supply of government traffic facilities all over the world .

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