Left Turn Sign On The Road

Road traffic signs is shows that the graphic symbol of traffic regulations and road information, it can make the traffic laws get image, specific, concise expression, but also expressed the content, it is difficult to describe in words to manage traffic, indicating the direction to ensure the safety in the roads and traffic facilities. Applicable to roads, urban roads and all special roads, with the nature of law, vehicles, pedestrians must comply.

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Left turn sign on the road

Road traffic signs are generally composed of several parts, such as the bottom plate, the mark surface, the pillar, fasteners and the foundation.

Description of mark plate material processing:

1.The material adopts high quality aluminum alloy plate, engineering grade or high strength grade reflective film, which has good reflective effect at night.

2.According to the national standard size, aluminum plate and reflective film cut (square, round).

3.Computer typesetting patterns and text, and use the computer engraving machine on the reflective film directly on the map and text.

Installation location of signs:

signs shall be installed at the proper position of the entrance and exit as well as on the inside and on the road to guide the correct driving of vehicles.

The basic meaning of color of traffic signs :

1.1. Red: it represents prohibition, stop and danger, and is used for the border, background color and slant of the prohibition mark, as well as for the x symbol and the slant symbol, warning line guide mark, etc.Yellow or fluorescent yellow: indicates a warning, used as a base color for warning signs

2. Blue: it is used to represent instruction, compliance, and the background color of indication marks: it is used to represent the driving information of place names, routes, directions, etc., and it is used for the background color of general road indication marks

3. Black: the base color of the text, graphic symbol and part of the logo used for identification

The main functions of road traffic signs :

1. Provide road information and play the role of road language.

2. Command and control traffic to ensure traffic safety.

3. Guide the road and improve the driving efficiency.

4. Provide law enforcement basis for the traffic management department.

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