Yellow Construction Galvanized Fence

Construction guardrails are made of iron pipe, welded, polished, high pressure baking paint, and laminated film.It is widely used in the isolation and warning of the construction site. The body is a black patch with visible reflective film, which has obvious warning effect to the driver, thus forming a safer effect.

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Product Details

Yellow construction galvanized Fence 

Yellow construction galvanized Fence design is novel, easy to install, road barrier, can be a fence, flexible movement. Easy to install, no need to use hoist, no need to make any facilities.

Product Superiority of Yellow construction galvanized Fence 

1) No need to install, sufficient length and height can play a very good separation effect.

2) Strong welding and stable performance.

3) the size,logo and color can accept custom .

Products feature of Yellow construction galvanized Fence 

a .Due to the good ductility of zinc coating, it can be made into various forms such as cold shock, rolling and bending, without damaging the coating.

b .The zinc coating obtained from electroplating is pure, which is slow in the fog of acid and alkali, and can effectively protect the steel matrix;

product details :

Product specification : 

Material : Galvanized ,iron

Size :1500mm*1000mm

color : yellow ,black and customizd 

MOQ : 10 pcs

Manufacturing technique : Welding process forming, spraying anti-rust treatment

Product Sale service : 

  a.     Before purchase : We have professional salesman to answer your questions.

b.    After purchase :  Any quality issue will compensate or replace once confirmed is our responsibility .

c.     We will have installation instructions for  technical problems.

Packing & Shipping : 

About us : 

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