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Yellow Warning Pipe With Logo
- Aug 15, 2018 -

Steel pipe protection

Steel pipe bollards protect buildings and pedestrians against vehicle impacts—making them ideal for parking lots, sidewalks, roadsides and other traffic-sensitive areas.

Pedestrian safety: Bollards prevent vehicle access while allowing unobstructed pedestrian flow. Install steel pipe bollards near building entrances and other areas with regular foot traffic.

Building protection: Create standoff protection for buildings and other sensitive areas. Depending on the building or structure, damage can be costly or even irreparable. Security bollards ensure intruding vehicles are kept away from building exteriors—and other high-risk locations.

Perimeter security: Security bollards prevent smash-and-grab, or ram-raid, burglaries—where vehicles are used to crash through storefront entrances or windows. High-security areas often feature steel pipe bollards at sensitive access points or fence gaps.

A safety bollard is great for a variety of facilities, from store fronts to the manufacturing floor. The unit stands vertical for the utmost protection of property, products and personnel. Brightly colored surface provides enhanced visibility and awareness of the surroundings. Molded plastic caps are removable.

  • Base plate includes 4 pre-drilled mounting holes for quick and easy installation

  • Mounting holes (quantity) 4

  • Inside diameter 4-1/4

  • Outside diameter (in.) 4-1/2

  • Base plate width (in.) 8

  • Base plate diameter (in.) 8

  • Base plate thickness (in.) 5/8



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