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Working Position Of The Speed Reducer
- Jul 18, 2018 -

Rubber speed reducers are used on roads, sidewalks, school gates, neighborhoods and shopping malls. Their main function is to slow down the speed and reduce the occurrence of traffic accidents.

The rubber deceleration zone is called rubber deceleration ridge, which is designed according to the Angle principle of the tire and the special rubber on the ground during driving and made of special rubber.It is set at the entrance of road crossings, industrial and mining enterprises, schools, residential areas and other entrances for decelerating motor vehicles

Features of rubber deceleration zone:

Made of high strength rubber, it has good compressive resistance, and the slope has a certain degree of softness. There is no strong shock when the vehicle is hit

Secure the ground with screws that will not loosen when the vehicle hits

There are special texture on the terminal, which can avoid sliding effectively

Black and yellow, especially eye-catching, each terminal can be installed with high-brightness reflective beads, reflecting light at night, so that the driver can see the location of the deceleration slope

Special process to ensure color durability, not fade

Simple installation and easy maintenance

It is suitable for use in parking lot, residential area, school gate and toll way


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