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What's The Change In The Traffic Sign?
- Nov 22, 2018 -

With the rapid development of road traffic at present, the demand for road traffic signs is also increasing rapidly. The installation of signs on the road not only provides great convenience for pedestrians but also for drivers, and guarantees the safety of urban traffic.The development of traffic sign board is also advancing by leaps and bounds, in gradually perfect, ceaseless change, what changes are there in detail?


Changes in the form of traffic signs

There are two types of road signs: fixed and variable.A figure that represents only one content and is fixed in one position is called a fixed.Variable type, mostly used on highways, such as variable speed signs, which generally appear round, and can show different speeds according to needs, such as 120, 100, 80, 60 (km/h), etc.Variable type design according to predetermined content.Generally, the frame is fixed on a certain position or overpass, and the visibility of the sign can be clearly seen within 300-400m when driving at night.

Variable type is more commonly used in daily life. The variable marker board is usually made of light-emitting diode. Most of the products are made of optical fiber.It can also adjust the luminescence brightness greatly to suit different external environment, and make full use of the light source to reduce energy consumption.

2. Changes in the material quality of traffic signs

The materials of the traffic signs are wood, synthetic resin board and water-resistant plywood.In the later stage, in order to protect trees and save wood for environmental protection, it is required to be beautiful and durable at the same time.As part of the metal material due to the wind caused warping, and frequent thieves patronize, improved into the logo surface and logo composite material composition.


 This is the traffic sign material now used on the road.The bottom board is extruded with aluminium alloy sheet steel material after forming, rejoin with solid piece is spliced into the bottom card face of all sorts of fixed specification dimensions, and mark face can use glance material, paint, ink adhesive transparent coating and edge fill seam makings, such already firm can prevent theft again.


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