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Traffic Sign Making Materials
- May 10, 2018 -

(1) Highway traffic sign boards shall be made of reflective film or other retroreflective material that meets the requirements of the current "Highway Traffic Sign Reflective Film" (GB/T 18833).

(2) When the traffic signs are made of reflective film materials, one or two grades of reflective film should be used on highways and Class I highways. The traffic signs on the second and third grade highways should adopt grades III and IV, and the fourth grade highway should be adopted. Fourth and fifth grade reflective film.

(3) For gantry, cantilever-type and other airborne traffic signs, a reflective film with a higher grade than the traffic sign on the road side should be adopted.

(4) Lighting or light emitting diodes may be used to increase the visibility of important signs when uniformity and conditions are tolerated.

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