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Traffic Sign Arrow
- May 10, 2018 -

The arrow used on the guide sign should reflect the correct driving direction of the vehicle at a certain angle.

(1) When an arrow is attached to a gantry sign or an attached sign on a flyover bridge to indicate the purpose of the driveway or the destination of travel, the arrow should be pointing downwards and point to the centerline of the lane; when used to indicate the direction of the exit, The arrow should be inclined upwards, and the angle of inclination should reflect the line shape of the exit lane.

(2) The guide signs installed on the roadside indicate that the arrow in the straight direction should point upwards, indicating that the arrow in the steering direction should be consistent with the line of the steering lane. When three arrows pointing up and left and right appear at the same time, the arrow pointing to the right should be placed at the far right, and the arrow pointing up and left should be placed at the far left.

(3) The arrow can be placed below the main sign text, or in an appropriate part of the text.

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