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These Confusing Traffic Signs Almost Kill The Driver
- Dec 07, 2018 -

Low speed limit VS high speed limit

Blue belt speed traffic signs indicate the low speed limit, generally located on the highway or urban highway, when the car into the road ahead of the road must be greater than or equal to this speed, if the speed is too low, it is simple to form the rear car rear-end incident.The red circle with the speed sign indicates the high speed limit, which means that after entering the road ahead, it must be less than or equal to this speed.Some car owners will speed up at will because there are few cars on the road surface, so it is very simple to exceed the speed limit and increase the possibility of traffic accidents.

These simple and confusing traffic signs almost cost the driver his life!!

Parking to give way VS deceleration to give way

Diamond with the "stop" word traffic signs is parking to give way, because the intersection of motor vehicles, non-motor vehicles and pedestrians after the frequency is relatively high, so the owner must stop the car in front of the stop line, and then carefully observe the situation around, after the resolution but.Inverted triangle with the word "let" sign is to slow down the road, indicating that the owner must slow down to observe the condition of the road vehicles, and then the decision whether to continue to move, but not necessarily parking.

One way street VS straight ahead only

Rectangular traffic signs with arrows are one-way streets. They are usually set at the entrance of narrow roads and hutongs at the intersection. They represent that only vehicles are allowed to travel in one direction on the whole road.The circular arrow mark is only quasi-straight, which is often seen on the main road of the city. It represents that vehicles can only go straight on such a road, and they cannot turn left or right.These simple mixed traffic signs on the road almost killed me!!

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