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The Principle Of Setting Traffic Signs
- May 10, 2018 -

1. The setting of road traffic signs should be unfamiliar

The road users in the surrounding road network system are design objects. Comprehensive consideration shall be given to the surrounding road network and road conditions, traffic conditions, weather and environmental conditions, etc., and reasonable setting standards shall be formulated according to the functions of various traffic signs and the behavior characteristics of the drivers. Make reasonable settings.

2. Priority should be given to guide signs on roads of Grades 2 and above and national and provincial roads of other grades. Other roads or roads without relevant indication signs may be set up with necessary warning signs. The prohibition mark should be set in a prominent position near the place where traffic laws and regulations take effect, and should avoid interference with other traffic signs. Speed limit signs should be set according to different sections of the road capacity, the proportion of vehicle models, the speed of the vehicle and other sections.

3. When selecting the destination information indicated by the road sign in the road network, it shall be based on the road network density, road class, highway function, and destination popularity. Information on different types of traffic signs should echo each other and no information interruptions should occur.

4. The position of the traffic sign set along the vertical and horizontal roads shall comply with the provisions of the current Road Traffic Signs and Markings (GB5768). The traffic signs located in the safety net zone on the high-speed and first-grade highway road side should be protected by dismantling energy dissipation structures or guardrails according to the specification of the mark structure. The traffic signs located in the safety net zone on the other road side should be subject to necessary induction.

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