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The Nature Of Road Traffic Signs Is Divided Into Color And Shape
- Nov 27, 2018 -

Road traffic signs mainly look at road traffic signs, road traffic signs are mainly divided into two categories of main signs and auxiliary signs.The main signs are divided into: indicator signs, road signs, warning signs, prohibition signs, tourist area signs and road construction safety signs.

Traffic signs are with "instructions" password, guide the vehicle, pedestrian moving signs.It is round, square or rectangular in shape and blue with white background.

(2) road traffic signs are signs that convey basic information of road direction, location and distance.The shape of the road traffic sign shall be rectangular or square, except for the location identification sign, split-junction sign and landmark sign.Its color, it is blue bottom white graph commonly, freeway is green bottom white graph.

Warning traffic signs are to warn vehicles and pedestrians of danger.The shape of the road traffic sign is equilateral triangular line, and the color is yellow background, black edge and black pattern.

(4) ban traffic signs are with a ban form, prohibit or restrict the vehicle, pedestrian traffic signs.Its shape is usually circular, individual octagonal or downward vertex equilateral triangular rows.Its color is usually white bottom, red circle, red inclined bar and black picture, "no vehicle parking sign" is blue bottom, red circle, red inclined bar.

Tourist area road traffic signs and road construction signs such as the literal meaning of the road signs, we are relatively easy to understand, do not explain.

And auxiliary mark is to point to be close to advocate mark lower margin, the mark that has auxiliary explanation effect.Its shape is rectangle, color is white bottom, black word, black border.Information used to indicate the time, type of vehicle, reason for warning and prohibition, or the incompleteness of the main sign.

There are several common new types of road traffic signs: no vehicle parking signs, no motor vehicle traffic signs, stop to give way signs.

No parking signs for vehicles, whose shape is circular, blue background, red circle, red diagonal bar, said that all vehicles are prohibited to park.The picture shows that the monoclinal pole is a parking sign that prohibits vehicles from parking for a long time. Drivers who temporarily park their vehicles are not allowed to leave the cab.The cross double diagonal bar is a sign forbidding the temporary or prolonged parking of vehicles.

No motor vehicles are allowed to pass the signs, which are circular in shape, with white background, red circle and red diagonal bar.The picture shows a black car, which means that all motor vehicles (including motorcycles) are forbidden to pass.Where an auxiliary sign "except two-wheeled motorcycle" is attached to the lower edge, the two-wheeled motorcycle shall be allowed to pass through.

Stop to make way sign, its shape is octagonal, color is red bottom white word, show the vehicle must stop outside stop line, after confirming safety, just can go through



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