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The Meaning Of Prohibitory Sign
- Aug 07, 2018 -

A road facility that USES words or symbols to convey guidance, restrictions, warnings, or instructions.Also known as road signs, road traffic signs.In general, safety, eye-catching, clear and bright traffic signs are the important measures to implement traffic management and ensure the safety and smoothness of road traffic signs.There are many types of traffic signs, which can be divided into main signs and auxiliary signs.Movable and fixed signs;Lighting signs, luminous signs and reflective signs;And the variable information sign reflecting the change of driving environment.

ACTS as a deterrent to certain ACTS.There are 43.A sign that prohibits or restricts traffic behavior by vehicles or pedestrians.In addition to individual signs, the color is white background, red circle, red bar, black pattern, pattern on bar;An equilateral triangle shaped like a circle, octagon, and with the top Angle facing down.Set up near road sections or intersections where vehicle or pedestrian traffic behavior is prohibited or restricted.



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