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The History Of Traffic Signs
- May 10, 2018 -

As early as in the Chinese Zhou Dynasty, there was already a record of "listing trees to show the way". During the Roman period, there were milestones and signposts on the military avenue from Rome to Gapua. However, most people think that the origin of modern road traffic signs should be traced back to December 1879 in the United Kingdom, the local organization participating in the Cycling Union, the Sailing Ring Club. A dangerous traffic sign was set up on the road to the mountains. : "To Cecrist - this hill is dangerous". This notice sign painted on iron plate became the earliest road traffic sign recorded in history. The administrative department that first set up traffic signs on the roads was the Entein Wetland Roads Bureau in British Inglester. It used to set a warning sign in October 1881 in the conspicuous place on the Mutton Hills. In October 1901, with the permission of the Gloucestershire State Council, the British Automobile Association set up the world's first car-specific warning sign on the top of the hill in Badlpe, Gloucestershire. Later, the relevant British administrative authorities obtained the power to set up traffic signs based on the Motor Vehicles Regulations promulgated in 1903. On March 10th of the same year, they issued to the local administrative bureaus a document proposing the following traffic signs: A white snake with a diameter of 457 mm (18 in.) is drawn on the board to indicate the speed limit; a red circle indicates prohibition; a red line indicates a warning; a diamond indicates an intersection, a dangerous corner, and a sharp turn. Since not all local authorities accepted the above proposal at that time, the emergence of traffic signs was not uniform, which was not conducive to the chaotic situation that drivers of the past had immediately identified. It was only after 1930 that the unified traffic sign decree was recognized throughout the United Kingdom, making traffic signs more standardized.

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