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The Guiding Ideology Of Traffic Signs
- May 10, 2018 -

1. The traffic sign should reflect the characteristics of the road and the surrounding road network, enable the driver to accurately determine his location, find the right destination, and reasonably allocate the traffic volume in the road network;

2. Traffic signs should enhance the driver's awareness of safe driving;

3, traffic signs should be easy to identify and easy to understand;

4. The setting of traffic signs should be systematic, continuous and balanced to avoid information overload;

5. The setting of dynamic traffic signs should not hinder the use of static traffic signs.

6. Collect basic information such as roads, traffic, weather, environment and surrounding road network of the highway;

7. Determine the implementation standards and scale of highway traffic signs;

8. Compare programs from safety, environmental protection, technology, economics, and aesthetics, and choose the best solution.

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