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The Difference And Characteristic Between Rubber Cone And Plastic Cone
- Dec 18, 2018 -

The gelatine road cone and the plastic road cone are mainly used together with the road railing to block or diverge.Ice cream cone is something you should see all the time.But what is the difference between rubber road cone and plastic road cone, and what are their characteristics, I believe that we do not know very much.The following land rover transportation will understand the difference and characteristics between rubber ice cream cone and plastic ice cream cone together with you.

The essential difference between rubber ice cream cone and plastic ice cream cone is that plastic ice cream cone deforms plastically while plastic ice cream cone deforms elastically.In other words, plastic ice cream cones don't easily return to their original state after deformation, while rubber ice cream cones are much easier.Plastics are very elastic, usually less than 100 percent, while rubber can reach 100 percent or more.Plastic molding in the vast majority of molding process is finished product process is also finished;Vulcanization is also required after the rubber forming process is completed.

Plastic and rubber belong to polymer materials, mainly composed of carbon and hydrogen atoms, and some contain a small amount of oxygen, nitrogen, chlorine, silicon, fluorine, sulfur and other atoms, its performance is special, the use of special.At room temperature, plastic is solid and hard enough not to stretch and deform.And the hardness of rubber is not high, elastic, stretch can become long, stop stretching and can be restored to its original state.This is due to their different molecular structures


Another difference is that plastic can be recycled and reused for many times, while rubber cannot be directly recycled and used. It can only be processed into recycled rubber, and then it can be used as a cleaning agent.The shape of plastic at more than 100 to 200 degrees is similar to that of rubber at 60 to 100 degrees.Plastics do not include rubber.

Plastic ice cream cone: plastic ice cream cone is made of PE plastic, color masterbatch and defoaming agent and other raw materials in accordance with a certain proportion of uniform mixing, and then in accordance with a certain process.Plastic ice cream cone features: environmental protection can be recycled;The surface has reflective cone sleeve, so the reflective effect is obvious, can play a good warning effect, red and white color is also more beautiful and eye-catching, high safety coefficient;Texture is very light, put up more convenient, does not cover an area, and plastic road cone has a good corrosion resistance, not easy to aging.

Rubber ice cream cone: rubber ice cream cone is formed by steam vulcanization of the whole mold pressure, set the toughness of rubber in a suit, with aging resistance, pressure resistance, fall resistance, light and durable characteristics.Coupled with high reflective materials, reflective effect is good, applicable to the city intersection lane, sidewalks, buildings between the isolation warning.

Dazhan transportation believes that: good ice cream cone from the perspective of using cost: the lower the cost, the better;Look from the performance, want to use coloring convenience, processing convenience, impact intensity is high, flexibility is good and optimal.Accordingly, when ice cream canister of choose and buy, must think first: it is economy cost, still pay attention to performance, will consider to buy rubber ice cream canister or plastic ice cream canister according to oneself demand..


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