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Thanks For US Customer Order Of Road Sign ,they Are Ready To Be Shipped .
- Nov 21, 2018 -

Traffic signs have gradually become an indispensable signage in the city. In the increasingly prosperous cities, driving in unfamiliar cities often causes trouble because of the inability to find the road. At this time, traffic signs become particularly important.

Road traffic sign making is used to warn charged part of the workers shall not be close to the equipment or prohibit operation equipment, indicating where the staff can work and remind work must pay attention to other security issues, road signs production environment: the use of lines, electric power, transportation, safety warning, communication, public information, the construction site, fire safety, construction site safety, production safety, safety in mines, etc.


The final purpose of making road sign is visual communication and information transmission. Therefore, many factors should be paid attention to in selecting materials. To express traditional culture and natural and unsophisticated style, wood, stone and other materials that are easy to express style should be considered.To have the spirit of The Times, unique personality, you can consider the use of acrylic board, fiberglass, aluminum plastic board, PVC board, solar panels and so on.

To consider visual effect after the construction of road traffic signs structure is particularly important, some materials visual effect is very good, but it is hard to processing implementation structure is quite complicated, material performance comparison of fuzzy such advice not to use, cannot be determined in its structure is reasonable, whether can withstand the pressure, resolute can't construction in order to avoid leaving security hidden danger and follow-up maintenance of trouble.


Finally ,thanks for US Customer order of road sign . 

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