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Technical Parameters Of LED Emergency Flare Solar Flashing Light
- Aug 03, 2018 -

Solar Flashing Light lamp composition

  1. A sealed composite lamp set is adopted, each set consists of 20 ultra high brightness imported crystal element LED chips.

2. Polycarbonate lamp shade is anti-impact, anti-aging and highly transparent.

3. Flash mode controller, light control, over-charge and over-discharge protection, quick flash, slow flash, frequency flash and explosion flash (designed according to customer requirements), stable performance and reliable quality.

4.LED life: 100,000 hours, red and blue.

5. The battery power is 12V/4Ah, and its life is 2 years.

6. Visual distance: 2km.

7. The flashing power is more than 180 times /min.

8. Solar panel power :3W.

Design description: high brightness, super penetration, effectively guarantee the safety of road operation, mainly applicable to road special and overhaul construction

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