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Speed Limit Road Sign Are Done . Thanks For Support .
- Nov 21, 2018 -

In recent years, with the rapid development of highways, there are more and more cars on the roads. In order to ensure the safety of drivers and passers-by, traffic management departments have strengthened the management of traffic signs.


The first is to clean up all kinds of traffic signs, focus on cleaning up all kinds of violations of outdoor billboard signs, business signs, mobile billboards, light box signs, such as clear six kind of control object, the unapproved, extended use, abandoned, approval document set is not consistent with the signage plan and in disguised forms of commercial advertising, jagged and co to clean up the card.All affect the appearance of the city, there are safety hazards, unplanned approval and occupation of the road placed signs, require the demolition deadline.The licensed non-traffic road signs shall be uniformly marked with the license number of the column whitewashing and spraying;Unlicensed non-traffic road signs have been installed to improve procedures.

The second is to retain and regulate some non-traffic signs.Some non-traffic road signs set up by the city's landmark buildings, important Bridges, important tourist attractions, stations, large hospitals, schools, police stations, traffic police departments and other units will be retained.Non - traffic signs that do not belong to the reserved area will be removed.


The third is to strengthen public opinion guidance.Pay attention to publicizing education, make units and the masses along the line respond to the call consciously, actively support the renovation action, dismantle illegal outdoor advertisements by themselves, strive to form a situation where self-demolition is the main and forced demolition is the auxiliary, create a harmonious renovation atmosphere, and ensure that the renovation work is conducted in an orderly and harmonious manner according to law.

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