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Rubber Corner Square Protector
- Jul 09, 2018 -

As the name implies, it is used to protect corners.The protection of corner of wall is ignored by a person often, when your new house becomes old year by year, even if protecting again good corner always has bump, remember to protect again at that time a bit better than sheep make up for it. 

Rubber corner protectors are used to warn drivers and protect cylinders and vehicles.It is embedded in the partition wall of parking lot and the corner of cylinder.Yellow and black (yellow is reflective film) are placed on the square pillar of the underground parking lot to prevent the vehicle from rubbing or colliding with the pillar, scratching or touching the paint and pillar when turning.


1. It is made of high strength rubber, with good compressive resistance and a certain degree of softness. It can effectively protect the vehicle from being scratched when the vehicle is hit

2. Installed with glue or screws on the corner of the room, when a car hits not loose surface with a yellow reflective film, make the corner protector yellow and black, particularly eye-catching, reflective film reflect light at night, the driver can see the wall.Easy installation, easy maintenance, suitable for parking, residential areas, toll channels.




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