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Kind Of Safety Fence
- May 10, 2018 -

1. The barrel type expansion fence is divided into stainless steel barrel expansion fence, insulation barrel expansion fence, PVC barrel expansion fence

Stainless steel and insulation are the same price. WW-BT-1*20 meters

The material of the fence is nylon, and the rope is relatively thin and durable.

The tube can be cheaper to take down, because it is relatively simple to do, the core can be PVC, it can be stainless steel. The cover can be PVC or stainless steel.

2, stainless steel expansion fence (belt type) WLD-L-meter height is generally 1 meter or 0.9 meters or 1.2 meters, the height of the number of mainly based on the use of different areas to be limited, the maximum length of 5 meters, because there is a pole (outside (Round) restrictions can not fit too long straps. The bandwidth is generally 5cm.

Similar to the bank's 1 meter belt, the following is a cast iron pier with a stainless steel cover. It can be double or single layered. It is usually red and yellow, and the color is increased: Blue, State Grid Green, Red and Yellow. The colors are yellow on the red tape (white), the red on the yellow tape, and the white and green on the State Grid. This is more eye-catching.

Words are divided into fluorescent words and ordinary words. “Lightning symbols stop high voltage danger/hazard/stop hazard” and so on, can be customized according to customer requirements, the power sector generally use the power system logo, plus other content.

Each column contains straps that can be attached in all four directions.

Stainless steel telescopic fence WLD-L-2, 3, 4, 5 meters The distance between the two layers of the belt is uniform and the spacing is 30 centimeters. The diameter of the cylinder is 76mm, and the diameter of the cylinder is also constant, which is not related to the length of the belt. The chassis is 350mm. The wall of the stainless steel cylinder is 0.8 thick.

3, insulation and expansion fence JLD-L-meter pure insulation: the column and the bottom pier, the tape hanging head are insulated, there is a kind of column is insulated, and the pier is stainless steel. Other straps are the same as stainless steel telescopic fences.

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