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Applicable Occasions Of Road Cone
- Jul 04, 2018 -

Rubber road cone is made of rubber after high temperature steam curing integral moulding, also have PVC, PU and other materials of the rubber toughness at a suit, aging, compression resistance, resistance to fall off, light and durable, etc.It is also equipped with high-intensity reflective film, which has a good reflection effect. It is suitable for the isolation warning between urban intersections, lanes, sidewalks and buildings.

Applicable occasions

Where applicable determines the material, height, color and reflective materials of the road cones:

Roads of 90CM and 70CM should be used for highway maintenance.

The road vertebra of 70CM should be used for urban road junction maintenance.

Various color road vertebra of 70CM~45CM should be used at the entrance and exit of vehicles in schools and hotels.

Fluorescent red road vertebrae of 45CM should be used in large ground parking lot (outdoor parking lot);

The yellow road vertebra of 45CM should be used in the underground parking lot (indoor parking lot);

45~30CM blue lumen should be used in schools and other public sports venues.




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