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500 Pieces Reflective Galvanized Warning Column Order By AU Customer
- Jul 25, 2018 -

Reflective warning column is a collection of a variety of products, the main body is made of galvanized material with galvanized base;Reflective suit color: white, yellow, red and other colors can be selected.

Installation position

Commonly used for road isolation, isolation protection of residential property, the classification of the parking space arrangement, municipal construction, the public activities of isolation protection, highway Toll Gate road, urban road intersection, the pavement mouth, temporary road segmentation, segmentation dangerous or forbidden area, to the ends of the rail traffic, but with disposable warning belt, warning, warning chain link and so on.

Installation method

It is convenient to install. It usually adopts standard block combination method and advanced "inner expansion anchorage technology". The bottom is fixed with steel screws or screws. The installation is firm, stable and reliable


The separation between urban intersections, sidewalks, and buildings serves as a warning for moving motor vehicles that will not cause a second injury if hit.During the day, the colors of red and white and red and yellow are prominent, and at night, the lattice sleeve can reflect dazzling light, reminding the driver to pay attention.

1. It can be used for temporary protection.The base is heavy and not affected by the wind.The position can be adjusted at any time and can be temporarily used as a protective column.

Reflective galvanized warning column

2. It can also be fixed.Equipped with construction and installation of the three-eye structure;

3. The function of replaceable road cones.

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