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500 Pcs Dip Galvanized Steel Barricades
- Jul 17, 2018 -

Crowd Control Barricades are made of heavy duty Hot Dip galvanized steel. Powder coated steel barricades are a great alternative to standard galvanized barrier finishes. Add a colorful powder coat

finish to your steel barriers.

Crowd control barrier with flat type foot

1)crowd control barrier  with a flat-style foot, is the ideal choice at special events or venues that require funneling crowds or traffic in parallel lines.

2)The flat-foot design minimizes the tripping hazard and vehicle tires roll easily over the foot without damage to the barricade.

Total HeightBarrier Body HeightBase WidthOuter PipeInner Pipe

BS-SCCB-T-101 Meter1090mm1082mm400mmΦ35×1.5mmΦ16×1.2mm
BS-SCCB-T-202 Meter1090mm1082mm400mmΦ35×1.5mmΦ16×1.2mm
BS-SCCB-T-252.5 Meter1100mm1092mm400mmΦ35×1.5mmΦ16×1.2mm



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