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219 Stainless Steel Crossing Warning Post
- Jun 19, 2018 -

The crossing pillar is located on both sides of the small plane crossing along the road to remind the mainline vehicles to be alert and prevent the sudden appearance of small branch vehicles from causing accidents.

In general, the pillar pillar at the port of l is buried in the direction of the main line at 20cm away from the outer edge of the road curb stone. If there is no road curb stone, it should be buried 20cm away from the inner edge of the road shoulder and not on the roadbed slope.

L in order to avoid confusion between daokou pillar and road section warning pile, it is not appropriate to set warning pile on the main road within a certain distance (usually 50m) before a small branch junction with daokou pillar.

crossing Warning post is using 219 stainless steel material with stoving varnish technology . weight 25kg per pcs . 168 * 1000 mm .super nice 3M reflective sheet also to enhance the reflective value . 




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