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world is so big ,i want to see
- Dec 04, 2018 -

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In the early years, there was a "world so big, I want to see" resignation letter, said the hearts of countless people.I also more than once heard friends say: "I do this job, wait for a few years, I have accumulated certain resources, I will be natural and unrestrained, to do something they like.When people say this, it's like the tone of a man who mentions his old husky wife with a look of disgust on his face.The current work, is often used as a stepping stone to the future, when I think of it there are always so many reluctant to give up.Our hearts, how disloyal to it ah.In this age of genius, we are unwilling to admit that we are not smart enough, but we are willing to excuse our failure with a sureness, diligence and loyalty.Shenzhen Dazhan Tenology Industry Co.,Ltd

It seems that if we just changed places, changed jobs, changed lives, we would be much better off than we are now.We try to convince people, "it's not my fault my job isn't great, it's the job I'm doing that doesn't deserve me."Where does this attitude come from?It is probably originated from the primary school teacher said "your child is not stupid, is not hard to study", and then do parents listen to the heart is very comfortable.A "not stupid" child, with his smug little wisdom, all the way frivolous in the end, the end of nowhere.That's the story of a lot of people.Shenzhen Dazhan Tenology Industry Co.,Ltd

In the United States, a girl named Martha Stewart was named one of the 10 best-dressed college students in America by glamour magazine at the age of 19.Born in a slum, Martha worked as a nanny to support her family at the age of 10. She became a fashion model at the age of 15 due to her good looks, and now appears on the stage of chanel at the age of 19.Because of its elegant and delicate, Martha has become a synonym for the high-end American lifestyle, which has been pursued by countless people.Can who also did not think of, because stock economy dispute, this extremely beautiful woman is chained and thrown into prison unexpectedly, the life turns nasty directly.Martha, who was serving time in a women's prison, was assigned to do the cleaning, which sounded so different from her previous job that it fell straight out of the clouds.Shenzhen Dazhan Tenology Industry Co.,Ltd

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