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Why do traffic signs represent a city?
- Sep 13, 2018 -

Road traffic signs shows that the graphic symbol of traffic regulations and road information, it can make the traffic laws get image, specific, concise expression, but also expressed the content, it is difficult to describe in words to manage traffic, indicating the direction to ensure the safety in the roads and traffic facilities, suitable for highway, city roads and all special roads, has the nature of law, the vehicles and pedestrians must comply with.

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When we talk about the image of a city, we usually measure the image of a city by its construction scale, talent competitiveness, GDP, and the image spokesman of a city.But we rarely pay attention to the small details of life, such as traffic signs.

First, we should know the basic function and characteristic of the traffic sign.The basic functions of traffic sign board include instruction, warning, prohibition, etc., but its characteristics are fixed and do not flow freely due to other factors, which ensures that the traffic sign board is unique.If the traffic signs change, such as the traffic signs are more beautiful, clearer and clearer.This means that the city is developing in a virtuous and friendly way, and people's imperceptible importance to traffic signs is assumed to be the necessity of urban civilization construction, so it should be convenient for people to travel.But what about when other ads appear on traffic signs?What do you mean by that?It goes without saying.


There is a saying, "I will not attack unless I am attacked.If a person ACTS against me, that person is mean "his words are not worthy of the traffic signs, if people do not cherish my traffic signs, then the image of the city is greatly reduced

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