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Why are aluminum traffic signs so popular?
- Oct 16, 2018 -

Traffic signs, was named the "post card" of a city, also is the eyes of foreign visitors, road traffic signs about the image of the city, especially in some big cities, road traffic sign is correct and beautiful, is about the international image of the city, affecting people's travel, as you all know sign currently on the market most of them are made from aluminum, however, you may not know why aluminum signs so popular,


Made of aluminum panels, has been enduring, its main reason lies in the aluminum have adornment effect, a lot of surface decoration process, can be applied on aluminum and play, easy to obtain a riot of colors, a variety of combination of advanced adornment layer, on the other hand, is due to the aluminum is determined by a series of excellent properties.

Features of aluminum: in addition to the above reasons, the physical and chemical properties of aluminum are consistent with the requirements related to the application of signage.

1. Easy to process aluminum with good ductility, easy to shear, and easy to press and shape, which can meet the needs of the special process of the label.

2. No magnetic aluminum is non-magnetic, and the traffic sign made of aluminum will not cause external interference to the equipment.

3. Good corrosion resistance can generate hard and dense oxide film on the surface of aluminum and its alloy


4. The density of lightweight aluminum is 2.702gNaN3, which is only a third of that of copper and aluminum. Aluminum traffic signs do not increase the weight of the equipment, while saving costs.

5. Good weather resistance of alumina oxide film, many materials will not corrode it, and it will have excellent durability in the harsh environment in industrial areas and coastal areas.

The annual output of aluminum, which is rich in resources, is second only to that of steel.

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