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Wheel Stoppers
- Jul 12, 2018 -

Metal gear wheel shaft is also called the wheel gear wheel, back cushion, resistance device, car stop, locator, car cover wheel, wheel seat, crash barriers, such as backing bar, reversing lever, metal gear wheel rod used for parking lots and garages, when parking vehicles in a tire hit a round rod, the vehicle accurately and neatly parked on the parking space.Can be a very good to prevent the possibility of other car collision, also to prevent chafing car, the car get better protection, easy installation, any combination, apply to the parking lot, underground garage, etc.The wheel locator is installed in the rear of the parking space to limit the vehicle to the best position, eye-catching, beautiful and convenient installation.It is the best facility to limit the exact parking position of vehicles.

1. Materials: usually welded pipe or galvanized steel pipe is used.

2. Process: generally, welding method or mounting of baffle rod base or support base and base is adopted.3. Specification: (suitable for small vehicle parking lot) Φ commonly used size 2 inches (60 mm) x 2000 mm, tube wall generally USES the 2.0 mm to 2.5 mm thick, pedestal USES 60 mm, 5 mm thick Angle welding, installed in the indoor and outdoor parking lot, suitable for small vehicle parking, truck or bus Φ commonly used size 3 inches (89 mm) x 2000 mm, tube wall generally USES the 2.0 mm to 2.5 mm thick, the following support using steel pipes, flanges and steel plate reinforced support.

After four useful antirust paint, surface treatment, paint roller coating black white, yellow reflective film or red reflective with stickers, clear positioning, to car parking guidance, to prevent the collision, the pedestrian safety are of great help.5. Easy installation, with bolts and planting methods, even cement pouring can be constructed, with various choices and fast efficiency.

6. The installation is stable, and the vehicle will not move or deform when it hits, effectively regulating the parking order;

High quality steel pipe overall painted with yellow reflective film, engineering reflective film.The surface is coated with a wear-resistant, high reflectance luminance, and yellow shaped reflective film in accordance with international standards, making the parking stop black

Yellow and yellow, reflecting light at night.To serve as a warning;



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