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What materials can make a traffic sign?
- Oct 09, 2018 -

In the increasingly prosperous city, the traffic sign has gradually become an indispensable sign in the city, what are the traffic sign production materials?

I. characteristics of stainless steel materials

Stainless steel material is very important in traffic sign making materials, its metallic simple sense is strong, bright and clean bright, oxidation resistance is strong, and made the sign of beautiful fashion, and other material collocation can by the unexpected effect, the imitation wood grain on the technology used in stainless steel material, natural lumber visual effect can be achieved and solid wood grain texture effect, simulation is as high as 95%;The problems of easy decay, collapse and short service life of log label were solved.

2. Artificial materials

As the technology progress also more and more types of artificial materials, artificial materials as the main advantage of traffic sign to make easy, and there are different style of natural material, to the scenic spot environment have very good ornament, beautification function, the artificial materials in the application of scenic spot signs are mainly metal materials and electronic science and technology of materials.

Iii. Metal materials

Due to the properties of materials, metal materials can be cut, bent, welded, painted and other processes can be made into a variety of labels, commonly used stainless steel plate, cold plate, aluminum alloy plate.


Four: cold plate characteristics

Cold plate is a kind of metal material with low cost and wide application. It is easy to cut, polish, bend, weld, and process with convenient coloring. However, cold plate is weak in oxidation resistance and easy to rust.Aluminum alloy plate has high strength, good plasticity and can be processed into bell profile material, which has excellent electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity and corrosion resistance. The aluminum alloy plate traffic sign board has various surface forms, rich content, and can engrave various characters and patterns on it through the second examination.

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