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what is the Installation method and function of positioner
- Oct 16, 2018 -

In recent years, with the rapid development of high highways, the construction of traffic safety facilities has been concerned by the society. There are many safety facilities. Today, guangzhou line engineering company wants to focus on the installation method and function of positioning device.

Installation method of positioner

Only when the installation on the hard ground with simple percussion drill holing, by expansion screws on each lot, also must use elastic line, made a spike or bolt solid, make sure that the car wheel locator in a straight line, such as parking space for the grass, guangzhou crossed foundation engineering company to remind should do first, in this way can the fixed buffer.

Is mainly used for parking lots and garages, vehicle parking accurately, neatly and reduce vibration and avoid collisions, and so on, apply to the underground parking garage, more commonly used in large foreign parking lot, unit factory vehicles dedicated parking Spaces, district or underground parking garage, and vehicle parking Spaces, such as outdoor parking space, in order to avoid in the vehicle parking between vehicles, vehicle collision with other objects.The installation is fixed at the rear of the parking space, 1 meter from the front.When installation, simply drill holes with percussion drill on hard ground and fix them with expansion screws on each parking space. Guangzhou marking engineering company reminds that one should be made of elastic wire and one should be reinforced with road screws or bolts to ensure that the wheel positioners of each parking space are on the same straight line.


Ii. Function of the positioner

Rubber positioner is a device used in parking Spaces in parking lots, which is used to control parking places in reverse, so as to protect the vehicles from collision when parking in parking lots. Even if the vehicles accidentally collide, the damage of buildings and cars can be reduced to the minimum.Combined with rubber buffer stops have reflective warning marks,we think that at can alert drivers of ahead of time, more rubber locator installed in the rear parking space to limit parked vehicle accurately position, avoid the offside when a vehicle is in reverse collision with other vehicles, and the broken body has certain flexibility, can be a vehicle to reduce tire wear, is the product qualified vehicle accurately the position of the best facilities.


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