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what is the application of reflector cone?
- Nov 19, 2018 -

Road cones can be found in every city's roadways and corners, and their use is widespread.Reflective road cones all play this important role in guiding people to the correct road.The following are the main types and USES of reflective road cones: road cones are mainly red, yellow and blue, and red is mainly used for outdoor traffic, urban intersections, outdoor parking lots, sidewalks, and buildings.Yellow is mainly used in dim places such as indoor parking lots.Blue is used for special occasions such as schools, public stadiums, public places, etc.

Reflective road cones and reflective film, reflective cloth, reflective paint, reflective vest and other reflective materials are playing an increasingly important role in modern life and traffic.These reflective road cones with reflectors make the warning more obvious.

There are three types of highway traffic cones:

1. Separate traffic flow, or no traffic ahead.As long as there are obstacles in the reflector road, it is a reminder to avoid, and there are accidents and emergencies ahead, so vehicles need to be diverted.An entire row of reflective road cones with this closed cone band means that it is a no-go sign, and no vehicles are allowed to cross it and force it into the cone band.

2. Suppress speed. In case of inclement weather, rain, snow, fog, water-filled road sections or accident prone road sections, the traffic management department will remind the passing vehicles by coning the lane width to reduce the driving speed.

3. Division and warning of hazardous construction sections.Drivers should drive safely along the road outside the cone. Do not cross into the cone.Road renovation due to wet cement or asphalt, or paint construction.Or the road section is dangerous, road uneven.

The driver friend that sees reflective road cone, should not pass straight, should consider oneself safety.



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