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What is a traffic barrier?
- Oct 26, 2018 -

What is a traffic barrier?Shenzhen Dazhan Tenology Industry Co.,ltd told everyone that traffic barrier is used to isolate road vehicles and pedestrians, opposite lane vehicles and vehicles a traffic safety protection facilities.First, commonly used traffic barrier mainly cement block, with the road traffic in China in recent years to develop, the urban road isolation guardrail is mainly composed of the steel guardrail, traffic barrier, which is mainly composed of steel is a kind of city traffic barrier, the characteristics of the main function of a guardrail can be illustrated from the following aspects:


1. Blocking function: road barrier has the function of blocking uncivilized traffic behavior to some extent, such as pedestrian crossing the road behavior, and setting road barrier city road can effectively reduce traffic accidents caused by pedestrians crossing the road.

2. Warning function: besides the above functions, reflective stickers and contour signs on the guardrails have a warning function for vehicles, pedestrians, non-motorized and other traffic participants, so as to reduce the occurrence of traffic accidents.

3. Road separation function: Shenzhen Dazhan Tenology Industry Co.,ltd told people that road guardrails are used to separate motor vehicles, pedestrians, non-motor vehicles and other traffic participants, so that motor vehicles, non-motor vehicles and pedestrians can drive in separate lanes or pavements to ensure orderly and smooth road traffic and safety.


4. Beautiful road function: road barrier is not only a traffic safety facility, but also can be integrated into the road environment through different shapes, shapes and colors of the barrier to form a beautiful scenery on the road.

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