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What does reflective film cutting notice?
- Oct 22, 2018 -

Traffic signs have gradually become indispensable signage in the city, and in the increasingly flourishing city, driving in unfamiliar city, often because can't find the road, it is very important at this time traffic sign, traffic sign manufacturers believe everyone know reflective film is one of the signs of a build, but for reflective film cutting notice may not be very clear, the following paper discusses together on this issue.


Notes for cutting reflective film are as follows:

1. Please check the label of packing box before using, and check whether the model, specification and color are in line.

2. When the film surface is facing up and the tools or hard objects are not touched, when cutting the high-strength reflective film, the traffic sign manufacturer suggests the operator to wear silk or cotton gloves;With a sharp blade to 10 ° to 30 ° Angle across the board, so as not to cut out the burrs, the membrane surface after cutting up, also on flat, size is larger than the cutting platform of reflective membrane;When there is a tunnel phenomenon, it is strictly prohibited to use. If it is not used in time, please put on a plastic bag and tighten it to prevent moisture absorption.To stack the same size, the same shape of the small area of reflective film to control its stack height, not pressure any heavier items.

3. The reflective film that has not been used should be rolled tightly on the original paper tube and fixed with tape at both ends of wide width and three places in the middle. The plastic bag should be put into the original packaging box after installing the plastic support.

4. Working environment: please in temperature 18 ~ 28 ℃ (KE3100, KE5100 for 8 ~ 30 ℃), 30 ~ 60% relative humidity environment 24 hours (sticker and maintained the same), and to ensure that the work sites and tools clean.

5. The manufacturers of traffic signs remind the reflective film of different batch Numbers not to be used on the same sign board.

6. For high strength reflective film engraving, please use sharp and angular blade, and the pressure and lettering speed are appropriate.If the head Angle is too sharp, it is easy to break at the curve.


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