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What are the specific functions of transportation facilities?
- Sep 11, 2018 -

Transport facilities, mainly reflected in improving the traffic environment, optimize the traffic environment, improve the traffic capacity, three aspects of road traffic facilities, traffic environment becomes visible, the traffic is very effective induction effect, please listen to below small make up to share the specific role of transport infrastructure. 

The role of road traffic facilities is mainly reflected in guidance, warning and prohibition.The demarcation lines such as lane line, steering arrow and crosswalk line of intersection play an important role in guiding the correct separation of vehicles and driving according to the road.Solar energy warning lights, speed bumps, signs in accident prone areas, etc.Stop, single line, speed limit, taxi, bus temporary parking and other signs indicate that the vehicles should drive correctly and reduce the random parking.Shenzhen Dazhan Tenology Industry Co.,ltd introduces  that the road safety isolation belt, the motor vehicle lane and the non-motor lane isolation belt, etc. to a certain extent, play a banned role, and avoid reverse driving and the mixed driving of motor vehicles and non-motor vehicles.Curb traffic accidents, reflect the people-oriented, highly care about life.Road traffic environment is composed of three elements: human, vehicle and road. Human is the core of the entire road system. The occurrence of each accident is closely related to human.Maintaining traffic order and reducing traffic accidents are not only related to reasonable road traffic facilities, but also to everyone's traffic awareness.

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