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What are the requirements for safety warning signs in use?
- Sep 12, 2018 -

Shenzhen Dazhan Tenology Industry Co.,ltd mention that the application of the safety warning signs in our daily life more extensive, and use a variety of characters, signs, symbols, and other technology to combine lamplight, and safety warning signs at the same time also includes the safety color and safety signs, safety warning signs effect is more extensive, and the moment to remind them of the construction site management, homework personnel and related personnel for the risk of environment, make people to stay awake and alert, and to avoid the unexpected accidents, safety warning signs in use, with the following requirements:


1. The safety color is divided into red, yellow, blue and green, indicating prohibition, warning, instruction and prompt respectively.Safety signs include graphic symbols, safety colors, geometric shapes (borders) or words.

2. The traffic sign board manufacturer reminds the project management department to draw the floor plan of the safety sign on the construction site according to the construction plan and the needs of safety management. According to the characteristics of different stages of construction, the layout should be carried out according to the construction stage.Signature of draughtsman, approval of project leader.

3. The safety warning signs should be obvious, with bright and conspicuous lighting and clear and understandable text and graphics signs.

4. The safety warning signs shall be recorded statistically and the registration form shall be filled in.In addition, clear safety warning signs shall be set up at the site population, construction lifting machinery, temporary power facilities, scaffolding, stairway, elevator well mouth, hole mouth, bridge mouth, tunnel mouth, foundation pit edge, blasting materials, hazardous gas and liquid storage places.

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