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What are the purchase points of the traffic sign?
- Oct 19, 2018 -

Nowadays, road traffic signs on the road, can be in the public to see, choose a good road traffic signs can better guide the road traffic situation, also can prevent sun, rain, therefore, choose a good road traffic sign is more important, so, sign in establishing what needs attention to point the device?

1. As the sign plates are usually set in the air, few of them are made of steel structure, and many joints need welding, so it is necessary to make the joint surface lubricated and long enough at the time of installation. At the same time, measures such as rust prevention and corrosion prevention should also be taken to strengthen its firmness.



2, we introduced to the visual requirements, founder of road traffic sign at the device should be based on the line-of-sight range to choose its size, on the other hand, in order to facilitate the driver in the process of driving can clearly see the signs, should set the sign on the front in the direction of the car, and eye-catching.

3. Standards: it is important to conform to the standards of the equipment on the road traffic signs. The standards require that the traffic signs should be installed in the driving space of vehicles and pedestrians.

4. The manufacturer of the road traffic sign tells us that the road slope should be considered when installing the traffic sign on the road. Generally, the position of the lower elevation should be slightly tilted on the vertical axis of the sign.

5. Maintaining the existing pipeline, usually after the municipal pipe network device, will often encounter the conflict between the location of the device and the location of the pipeline. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the maintenance of the existing pipeline and adjust the position of the marking device when the device is installed.

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