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What are the manufacturing processes for indicating the traffic sign lever?
- Oct 09, 2018 -

We have learned about the manufacturing process of indicating the traffic sign, so we know how to make the sign bar?


I. material cutting

1. Before cutting, first adjust the bevel of the slitting machine and the desired longitudinal shear rule.

2. Place the steel plate well, ensure the size of the remaining materials, so that the remaining materials can be used.

3. The length and size shall be guaranteed by the opening time.General: 0-2m.The negative tolerance of the small head shall be taken, and the size of -2-0mm shall be adjusted, which shall be completed by the cutting machine and automatic cutting machine.

4. Equipment: the material opening shall check the operation of the rolling shear equipment, remove the debris on the track, and maintain the good operation of the equipment.

2: welding

Weld the pipe seam in straight seam.As the welding is semi-automatic, the welder should have more responsibility, welding should be adjusted at any time to ensure the straightness of the weld.

Iii. Repair and polish

Repairing and polishing is to repair the defects of pipe blank after automatic welding.The repairer should inspect the defects one by one, and repair after the completion of the repair welding. The joint of the repair and automatic welding are basically the same.

Four: plastic

The shaping procedure includes the straightening of the indicating traffic sign bar, the round and diagonal dimension of polygon at both ends of the blank bar, and the general tolerance: < + / + 2mm.Error of straightness of blank bar:

5. Floor mounting

The key of spot welding base flange and bar plate is to make sure that the bottom flange is perpendicular to the straight center line of the lamp, the bar plate is perpendicular to the bottom flange, and at the same time, it is flat with the straight bus line of the sign.

7 - 副本.jpg

Welding base flange and reinforcement plate

Welding requirements refer to the national standards of welding technology, to ensure welding quality welding joints to be beautiful, no pores, slag inclusion.

Seven: galvanized

Galvanizing is good or bad affects the quality of indicating traffic sign board directly, galvanizing asks to execute galvanizing according to national standard, after galvanizing surface is smooth, do not have chromatic aberration, cannot have flow to hang, flow to hang serious lamp pole must be born to come again to be plated.

Viii: delivery inspection

Inspection shall be carried out by the quality inspector of the factory department. The factory inspector shall inspect each item according to the lamp pole inspection, and the inspector shall record and keep the record at the same time.

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