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water hourse
- Jul 21, 2018 -

Water horse is a kind of obstacles to split the road or form a block with molding shell, is usually small under the big structure, above the hole with water injection weight (so called water horse, note: water filling wood or iron mobile obstacles called rejected the horse), part of the water horse and horizontal hole so that through the bar connection to form a longer stop chain or block wall, function the same as the cement concrete isolation pier.

It is commonly used in road transportation facilities and is common in expressway, urban roads, and overpass street intersections.Usually used to temporarily isolate an area, or to buffer a vehicle impact (hence, road bifurcation is often seen).

Length 1650* width 450* height 635MM

Length 1450* width 500* height 800MM

Length 1470* height 780* bottom width 430* top width 220MM



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