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Unreasonable design of the parking lot sign is a potential safety hazard
- Sep 22, 2018 -

According to the parking lot planning and design rules, the entry and exit distance of motor parking lot is more than 50 meters from pedestrian overpass, tunnel, bridge and tunnel approach.More than 80 meters from the intersection.When the parking quota of a motor vehicle parking lot is greater than 50, there shall be no less than 2 entrances and exits;When more than 500 entries, no less than 3 entries.The net distance between the entrances and exits shall not be less than 7 meters.Anti-skid measures should be taken in the ramp surface of the garage, and anti-collision measures should be taken at the posts, wall Angle and protruding components.

However there are still part of the parking lot because of the sign design is unreasonable, which leads to many drivers pinched the cold sweat, June 8, the parties to the underground parking lot of XXL is reflected in wal-mart, slope, many drivers when in and out, it's easy to have a stall, slope sliding, and so on and so forth, this makes many novice, return calls, Jim said, the parking lot in and out of the channel is difficult "hump" circuit.

"" this underground parking lot has more than 260 parking Spaces.'there's an entrance and exit, but the slope is steep and the curves are almost 90 degrees,' said one patrol officer. 'it's really technical."Driving here with a child, the child said, like flying high in the sky, very exciting," said Jim.Once, Jim recalled, he drove home the car that had stopped there, only to stall on the ramp. The car backed back, slammed on the brakes, and "it was a cold sweat."However, there is no traffic sign in the parking lot to prompt, and the driver can easily cause traffic accidents without any hint.

The matter is already being addressed and will soon be refined and improved, walmart parking officials said.

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