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Understand the principles of the activity fence
- Oct 25, 2018 -

Introduction to the urban barrier, also known as the isolation barrier, mainly applicable to urban traffic roads to isolate pedestrians and vehicles of a kind of traffic safety facilities, do you know the setting principles of the moving fence?


1. The length of the movable barrier must be able to seal the opening of the central separation zone, which is the only way to achieve the purpose of separating traffic. Therefore, the setting length of the movable barrier must be able to effectively seal the opening of the central separation zone.

2, Shenzhen Dazhan Tenology Industry Co.,ltd tell you require guardrail set on contour standard or reflectors is in order to make the guardrail nocturnal visibility has the very good, and make the contour standard median side without interruption caused by the driver's visual error, the provisions specified in the reflector size 4 cm by 18 cm and pillar contour standard, conform to the specifications of the reflective material to under the condition of high speed by the driver correctly identify;In coordination with the central divider wheel, the reflector is required to be consistent with the contour mark in color and height.

3, the highway to the traffic is completely isolated, so the highway guardrail, median openings must set activities and median level highway general speed quickly, not closed median openings could easily lead to a vicious traffic accidents, so the rules except for management that allowed turn median openings at ordinary times the rest of the openings should be set activities outside guardrail.


4, Shenzhen Dazhan Tenology Industry Co.,ltd introduced to the active barrier is part of the highway traffic engineering management facilities, it must be with highway main body and other traffic engineering facilities to coordinate each other, only in this way can we fully exert the function of traffic engineering facilities, therefore, to ensure that the line of sight of median guardrail induction function of continuous, smooth, required activities the height of the fence should be separated with the central coordination with the height of the fence.

5. When there are anti-glare requirements for the section where the opening of the central separation belt is located, anti-glare facilities should be set on the activity fence. The technical conditions of anti-glare facilities such as type selection, spacing, height and shading Angle should comply with the provisions of the anti-glare facilities in this specification.

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