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Traffic sign manufacturers to analyze the factors affecting the reverse luminosity of traffic signs(2)
- Sep 25, 2018 -

Traffic signs production manufacturers believe everyone knows that if the traffic signs reflective effect can not meet the design standards, at night or low visibility situations can not timely and accurately to give information to the driver, not only will cause the waste of manpower and material resources and time resources, at the same time also is likely to cause traffic accidents, to state property and people's lives and safety to bring serious loss, so the traffic signs of the luminosity is very important, so you know what are the factors affect traffic signs the photometric?


1. Traffic signs tell you board face rough production manufacturer or reflective light impurity pollution, although in line with the national standard of reflective film make traffic signs panel has good wide Angle and back reflection, but with the increase of incident Angle, even if the observation Angle always stay in 0.2 °, traffic sign of the reflective membrane resistance coefficient of light also will be more and more small, when incidence Angle more than 40 °, the resistance coefficient of light is almost zero.

2. The installation of traffic signs Angle is not appropriate, the driver lost the best read position, to avoid the light reflection of light beam before, in a straight line segment or left bend of the road signs should install and driveway direction into 95 ° Angle;In the right corner, traffic signs should be with a wired into 95 ° Angle, the attachment is refers to the traffic signs in driveway two hundred m in front driveway edge and the edge of the cable, if the installation Angle between 93 ° to 97 °, can correct the car headlights light incident Angle, improve the route some observation points, the effect of the read traffic signs production factory tell us if the installation Angle is unwell, is beyond the scope allowed, will inevitably affect the traffic signs of luminosity.


3. Local uplift and depression of traffic signs and surface bubbles can change the incidence Angle and reduce the inverse light coefficient.

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