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Traffic sign manufacturers to analyze the factors affecting the reverse luminosity of traffic signs (1)
- Sep 25, 2018 -

Traffic signs production manufacturers believe everyone knows that if the traffic signs reflective effect can not meet the design standards, at night or low visibility situations can not timely and accurately to give information to the driver, not only will cause the waste of manpower and material resources and time resources, at the same time also is likely to cause traffic accidents, to state property and people's lives and safety to bring serious loss, so the traffic signs of the luminosity is very important, so you know what are the factors affect traffic signs the photometric?


1. Reflective film quality can not meet the design standards, traffic signs production manufacturer is introduced to the reflective film is a kind of can reverse the light reflected back to the light source of a special plastic, it is by the weather good film layer, a smile of glass beads, reflector, viscose layer, micro glass bead layer and reflector decides the reflectivity of the reflective membrane of use fixed number of year is determined by the quality of the film and adhesive layer, the standard provisions of the state, the reflection coefficient of a reflective membrane attenuation of no less than 90% in six years, 10 years of no less than 80%, at present, only foreign products of the high strength and crystal can be up to the standard, compared with foreign products,The drawback of domestic reflective film is that the reflective value and the color attenuation of their own is too fast, which may exceed 80% within 4-5 years.

2. Oil stains and scratches on the surface of traffic signs can also reduce the reflected light coefficient of the damaged part, affecting the reflection effect of the whole traffic sign board.

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3. After the reflective film is flooded, the road sign manufacturer told us that the water or steam inside the reflective film can change the light passing through the film layer, so that the reverse light coefficient is reduced or the reflective film loses its basic function.

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