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the Standard of parking facilities
- Oct 16, 2018 -

1. Parking space in the parking lot:

Standard parking: 2500x5000mm

Side parking: 2300x6000mmx2

2. Parking number: 400x400mm, set for easy management

3. Parking indicator arrow: 300x300mm, for the convenience of management, make the vehicles park as required.

4. Ground steering arrow: there are six types of direct, left, right, left and right turns, right and left turns, and u-turns.

5. Road lane line: 150mm wide, set on both sides and the middle of the road, to guide the vehicle to drive correctly.

The above 1-5 method: clean the ground, measure, position and lay out the line according to the construction drawing, and use the hot melt marking car for construction.

6. Positioning lever for the tailgate: it should be 76x.0x2000mm, and it should be set at 900-1000mm from the bottom line for each parking space to facilitate parking positioning and prevent collision.Material used: national standard steel pipe, black anti-rust primer, with yellow reflective film.

7. Reflective rubber horn: 800x100x7mm, set on the corner of wall and column that the vehicle passes, to protect the vehicle and the structure.Material used: high elastic rubber and reflective material.

8. Safety convex mirror: FIG. 800mm, set on the wall or cylinder at the intersection of complicated traffic, plays a role in improving the condition of the restricted area, guiding the vehicle to drive correctly, using PC explosion-proof material.

9. Parking sign: set in the middle of the road, installed with chain, or directly nailed on the wall, for the traffic management and command of the parking lot, the size of the car park includes: 1600mm,600x400mm, 100mm,1200x300mm, etc.

10. Road reflector pin: 100mmx100mm, set on both sides of the yellow and black warning belt of the ramp, playing the role of sight induction and width, and guiding the vehicle to drive correctly at the same time, using materials: cast aluminum and reflective materials.

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