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The reason why the decelerator creaks is parsed for you
- Sep 05, 2018 -

Speed bumps are encountered every day. Therefore, many car owners will encounter the problem of squeaking under the speed bumps.

The reason for the analysis by the transportation equipment engineering company is generally found in the chassis buffer parts and some ball heads, as follows:

1. Aging of the derrick head of the balance beam. This can disassemble the tire to observe whether the rubber is aging and cracking.

2. The small link of the balance bar is loose, which is connected with the shock absorber. If it is loose, it will make abnormal noise easily.

3, the chassis of the buffer components damage, such as rubber buffer block, on the balance beam hem arm ball head is connected with the chassis of the rubber buffer, etc., this is the cause of probability is opposite bigger, we can put the car on the ground, car left and right sides, one every strength is good, hard rock, if there is a creaking sound, that is likely to be buffer rubber pieces.

4. The rupture of the half-shaft dust jacket and oil leakage may cause serious wear of the half-shaft ball head and abnormal sound.

5. If the gap between the horizontal bar ball heads of directional machine is too large, we can raise the vehicle, and shake the wheels by holding the two sides of the wheel by hand, to check the open amount. If the horizontal bar ball heads work well, they can not be shaken.Another detection method is to drive more than 80km in daily driving and slow down the speed by applying the brakes. If the steering wheel wobbles, the ball head of the horizontal bar will probably have problems.


We suggest:

1. The rubber buffer block on the balance bar is the thing below. Different cars will have different appearance of this part, but the general meaning is this.

2. The function of the balance bar is that when the left and right wheels are not at the same time, the balance bar will generate anti-roll resistance in order to cause the twist of the bar body.

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