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the meaning of warning sign in road
- Aug 06, 2018 -

Warning signs are signs that warn vehicles and pedestrians of danger.Warning signs for the yellow bottom, black edge, black pattern, shape for equilateral triangle, top Angle up.

When the driver sees the warning sign, he/she should be careful and drive slowly.

In most countries, the warning signs are shaped like equilateral triangles, with white as the base color and thick red borders.However, the background color and border color and thickness of each country are different.

The warning signs in some countries are diamond shaped.In the United States, Canada, Mexico, Thailand, Australia, Japan, the Philippines and Malaysia, warning signs are yellow with a black border and pattern, often in a diamond shape, while temporary signs (usually construction signs) are orange with a black border.The republic of Ireland logo is also different from the standards used in most European countries.Road traffic signs in the republic of China (Taiwan) are mostly red - framed triangles with white background or red - framed circles with white background.General warning signs are used in dangerous, obstructive or road conditions where other standard signs are not capable of performing.It's usually a triangle with an exclamation poin.



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