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the knowledge of China road sign
- May 28, 2018 -

The People's Republic of China enforces the national standard GB 5768.1-2009 road traffic signs and road markings - part 1: general provisions

Compulsory national standard GB 5768.2-2009 road traffic signs and marking lines of the People's Republic of China part 2: road traffic signs

National standards of the People's Republic of China law on road traffic signs and lines "(GB 5768-2009) since July 1, 2009 instead of GB 5768-5768, is to GB 5768-1999 revision of the road traffic signs and lines, retained the original standard in practice has proved the applicable parts.Suitable for road signs and marking lines on roads, city roads, mining areas, port areas, forest areas, field (factory) areas, etc.This standard is divided into two parts: road traffic sign and road traffic mark.

Classification of road traffic signs

Road traffic signs are divided into two categories: main signs and auxiliary signs.

Main mark

Warning signs: signs that warn vehicles and pedestrians of danger spots.The colors of warning signs are yellow, black and black.The shape is equilateral triangle with the top Angle facing up.

Injunctive marks: marks that prohibit or restrict the traffic of vehicles and pedestrians.The color of the injunctions shall be white, red, red, and black, except for individual marks.The shape is round, octagonal and equilateral triangle with the top Angle downwards.

Signs: signs indicating the movement of vehicles and pedestrians.Indicating that the color of the logo is blue and white;Shapes are divided into circles, rectangles and squares.

Direction mark: a mark that conveys the direction, location, and distance of a road.The color of the road signs, generally the roads are blue and white, and the highways are green and white.Shape, in addition to the location identification mark, milestone and merge mark, is rectangular and square.Signs are divided into general road signs and highway signs.

Tourist area signs: provide the direction and distance of tourist attractions.The color of the logo is brown with white characters.Signs are divided into two categories: guide signs and tourist signs.

Road construction safety sign: the sign announcing the passing of road construction area.

Auxiliary sign

A mark attached to a main mark that ACTS as an auxiliary indicator.The color of the auxiliary logo is white, black and black border.The shape is rectangular.

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