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the introduction of traffic safety facilities
- Aug 27, 2018 -

Traffic facilities refer to the rail, tunnel, elevated road, station, ventilation pavilion, electromechanical equipment, power supply system, communication signal and other facilities set up to ensure the safe and normal operation of the urban traffic system.

Traffic safety device refers to the general term of pedestrian tunnel, pedestrian bridge, lighting equipment, guardrail, pillar and sign line and other facilities set up along the road to ensure the safety of traffic and pedestrians.Traffic safety facilities include: traffic signs, marking lines, guardrails, isolation bars, contour marks, induction marks, anti-glare facilities, etc.

In order to prevent traffic accidents, ensure the traffic along the comfortable, full play to the function of the road, you must set up the traffic safety measures, according to the needs of the traffic flow and the terrain, the features of the situation, when necessary should be set on the road the pedestrian crossing luqiao (including underground pedestrian crossing), fences, lighting facilities, the line of sight inducing sign, emergency contact facilities and other facilities.Car park traffic facilities, highway traffic facilities, municipal road traffic facilities, rail (including rail) traffic facilities and so on.

Installation position

All traffic safety facilities are laid along the road, which plays a very important role in ensuring road safety, reducing accident severity, beautifying road landscape, smoothing traffic flow and improving ride comfort.

these are the necessary facilities : 

Pile parking lock, wheel locks, road, road cones, car stop, fence, iron block, mirror, spherical mirror, sunshine shed play, deceleration zone, isolation pier, spike, contour standard, gate, railing, bike rack, bull barrels, sentry box GangTai, reflective slope protect horn, warning tape, reflective film, plate, anti-glare board, reflective clothing, solar lamp lights, light box, electric door, all kinds of logo signs, all kinds of cold paint, hot melt marking, parking line, reflective material.


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