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The geometric shape of the sign and its meaning
- Aug 29, 2018 -

The geometric shape and implications of traffic signs, road signs with blue background and white characters:

There is an important relationship between the visual recognition of the traffic sign and the shape of the traffic sign.In the case of the same shape area, the effect is good and easy to identify the order: triangle, diamond, square, regular pentagon, regular hexagon, circle, regular octagon and so on.

The provisions on geometric figures in the draft international standard for safe color and safety signs are: equilateral triangle for warning: circular for prohibition and restriction;Square, rectangle indicates prompt;A circular pattern with slash is also prohibited.Our country modern traffic sign geometry international standard and the country "safety sign" standard regulation are basically consistent.

Triangle: high degree of display, regardless of the conditions of light, more than other shapes.In China, the geometric shape of equilateral triangle is used as the warning sign.

Circular: circular display is higher, more visual, and convenient to arrange text. We use circular to forbid and indicate the geometric shapes of two kinds of signs.

A geometric shape consisting of rectangles and squares, used as a guide for traffic signs.

Production process of traffic signs, road signs with white characters on blue background

(1) blanking.According to the requirements of the drawing, make the column and layout. The column is made of national standard steel pipe, welded to the insufficient design length, and cut off the aluminum plate.

(2) bottom film.According to the design and specification requirements, the bottom film is pasted on the cut aluminum sheet.Warning signs are yellow, prohibition signs are white, instructions signs are white, and directions signs are blue.

(3) lettering.Through a computer, a professional will be used to carve the required text.

(4) paste words.On the aluminum plate that has been pasted with the bottom film, according to the design requirements, the words carved out with the reflective film will be pasted on the aluminum plate.Require correct pasting, clean surface, no bubble and wrinkle.

(5) test.The marked layout that has pasted the word will be compared with the drawing, the requirement and the drawing complete attention.



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