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Teach you to know the road traffic sign selection skills
- Dec 17, 2018 -

Shenzhen Dazhan Tenology Industry Co.,Ltd traffic guide you to understand the road traffic signs icon selection skills

1. The data available for the road traffic sign sign base plate is 3mm thick aluminum alloy plate, and the data function should comply with the relevant requirements of GB5768, GB/T6892 and JT/T279.

2. The marginal and included Angle of the symbolic base plate of the road traffic signs shall be chamfered properly, showing an oily shape, and shall be polished and lubricated without burr at the edge.

3. The scale of the road traffic sign symbol plate, usually shape dimension error of plus or minus 5 mm, if the dimensions is greater than 1.2 m, the error for the dimensions of plus or minus 0.5%, adjacent side Angle error is 0.5 °.

4. The symbolic board of road traffic signs shall be flat, with no obvious wrinkles, indentation or deformation on the surface, and the flatness of the public service within the scale of each square meter of the symbolic board shall not be greater than 1.0mm.

5. No cracks, significant scratches, damages or uneven colors are allowed on the symbolic board of road traffic signs;On any surface with an area of 50 * 50cm2, it is not allowed to have one or more bubbles with a total area of more than 10mm2, and it is not allowed to have uneven reflectance function.

6 road traffic signs when a lot of the same symbol (special national standard warning, ban, indicator symbol, etc.) should be used screen printing.

7. When the road traffic sign device is installed on the bridge anti-collision wall, the symbol plate shall be processed and manufactured according to the curvature of the surface next to the anti-collision wall.


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